The Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the European Union was reached on December 24th, 2020. This agreement outlines the framework for future cooperation between the two entities, covering a range of topics such as trade, security, and citizens` rights.


The trade section of the agreement covers the conditions for tariff-free and quota-free trade between the UK and the EU. This includes rules of origin and technical barriers to trade, among other things. The agreement also establishes a Joint Partnership Council to supervise and oversee market access and regulatory cooperation.


The security section of the agreement outlines cooperation measures in areas such as law enforcement, judicial cooperation, and criminal justice. The UK and the EU have committed to sharing information and intelligence to combat crime and terrorism, and to cooperate in prosecuting and extraditing criminals.

Citizens` Rights

The citizens` rights section of the agreement provides legal certainty and protection for UK and EU citizens living and working in each other`s territories. The agreement ensures that their rights to live, work, and study in the UK or the EU are protected, as well as their rights to social security, healthcare, and pensions.


The Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the EU is a comprehensive framework for future cooperation. It covers a range of areas, from trade and security to citizens` rights, and establishes a Joint Partnership Council to oversee and guide the implementation of the agreement. Although the agreement is not perfect, it provides much-needed stability and predictability for businesses and citizens in the UK and the EU.